about Sylex Tech.

Who we are

Sylex Tech offers winning software solutions to our clients based on a proven Sylex platform known for its reliability, flexibility, configurability and user-friendliness. We maximize value delivered to our clients by focusing on such key qualities as scalability, redundancy, security, and performance. Sylex Tech brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of successfully implementing our products across different industries.

We are a premiere software lab specialising in business process automation and enterprise resource planning solutions.


Sylex Tech implementations are based on the mature Sylex platform and include a well-defined process of configuration and adaptation to local business environment. We also provide a full range of data migration and transformation services


Sylex Tech offers full range of support and maintenance services for all implemented solutions through its regional and local support centers. Experienced local support team members can provide a wide range of support services ranging from 2-level technical support all the way to 24/7 end-user support.


Our solutions for the insurance industry (IMEX) have gained support of international educational institutions. IMEX Practical Insurance Training Program (PITP), developed together with prominent academic specialists from Germany and Russia, is a practical insurance training program designed for enriching insurance courses with practical exercises performed online in the IMEX system.


Sylex Tech offers in-depth domain consulting focused on helping our clients unlock business value from application portfolios. Our successful software implementaions in insurance and healthcare give us unique insight into many challenges faced by our clients in their domains.


Masys Apahov in partnership with Ericsson is developing an e-health platform for the Republic of Armenia. The system integrates Insurance Companies and Healthcare Service Providers into one platform enabling effective communication between all parties. Over 6200 medical organizations participate in the system joining over 50,000 healthcare professionals.
Provided cloud-based solution offers advanced HIS functionality with preloaded standardized medical business processes and procedures approved and standardized across the national.
Project was started in 2015 with successful roll-out to several pilot institution all over the country. Full system roll out is planned for 2016.
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YouShield is an application for smartphones designed for general audience and aimed at possible health threats early detection. YouShield is a state of the art tool that models risks and associated risk factors, providing warnings to the patients if some health risks are present. The application is created by doctors and scientists, who provide their knowledge directly into the system, bridging medical knowledge and users healthcare outcomes promoting patient education and engagement.
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Sylex platform is the underpinning of all our solutions. It allows customers unparalleded levels of system configuration and customization without having to involve software developers. Customers, such as medical institutions and consultants can continuously evolve their systems without incurring usual high software development and maintenance costs . All changes are immediately reflected in the system and modification cost is minimal.
IMEX (Insurance Management Expert System) is a comprehensive end–to-end insurance automation solution, which combines years of diverse experience in software development, best IT practices applied across a spectrum of industries and effective implementation of insurance domain expert knowledge in accordance with business process automation principles, business process design visualization approach and modern user friendly graphical user interface.
  • Supports all lines of general insurance
  • Includes fully integrated front office and back office native applications
  • Easily integrates with external parties with visual and open-standard interfaces
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CalcWheel is an innovative cloud based product definition tool as well as a search & recommendation engine that can be used to create online price calculators, price comparison engines or sales assistant tools.
Using CalcWheel one can minimize costs and development risks, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction with unparalleled time to market. Solutions that usually require complex programming and costly maintenance can be configured and maintained by business users using CalcWheel engine.
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