We are a Swiss company, bringing together the cultures of technological accuracy and novelty with humanitarian values, by offering turn-key nationwide eHealth management platform

Sylex has more than a decade of experience in enterprise automation solutions market. Our company enjoys the reputation of reliable and responsive vendor among vast number of governments, large insurance companies, healthcare providers, and financial institutions.

We operate in the healthcare and insurance industries since 2009 through our Headquarters located in Lausanne, Switzerland and R&D Offices in USA and Armenia.

Our Vision

Rise population wellbeing and quality of living at reduced costs by

The Team

In 10 years’ time, we have systematically developed a team of highly qualified and experienced project managers and software engineers, with a proven track record for delivering quality services at all levels. The SYLEX team combines excellent academic qualifications with practical experience. In all assignments and across the projects, we utilize the system approach to problem solving, the ability to think laterally and creatively in identifying the best solutions for our partners, and the ability to convey these in a clear and concise manner. See our  Open Positions  page for a list of currently available positions with the company.