Sylex platform is developed in accordance with worldwide recognized standards.

Complies with IHE and ISO 13940:2015 Standards
ISO 13940:2015 Health informatics -- System of concepts to support continuity of care standard seeks to identify and define those processes which relate to co-operation between all parties involved in health care provided to human beings (to the exclusion of other living subjects). Given the definition of health as agreed by WHO, this International Standard will include those aspects of health care that rely on the acts of other actors than simply health care professionals. This International standard specifically addresses aspects of sharing information related to a subject of care that is needed in the process of health care.

Interoperability ensured by adherence to HL7 standards
HL7 and its members provide a framework (and related standards) for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information. These standards define how information is packaged and communicated from one party to another, setting the language, structure and data types required for seamless integration between systems. HL7 standards support clinical practice and the management, delivery, and evaluation of health services, and are recognized as the most commonly used in the world.

Product certified by EPD Project on 2017
EPD Project is an official testing environment for all IT solutions operating with Electronic Patient Dossier system of Switzerland for interoperability with IHE compatible solutions.